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We are manufacturing high quality scaffolding and exporting to varioue countries.Some of our customers are the leaders in scaffolding products. Following are some technical features of our products. 1. The threading we do on the pipes and solid rods is through Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machines and not the conventional cutting method done on lathe machines. 2. The benefit of threading done on thread rolling machine is that if we are doing threading on a pipe with 4 mm thickness, the threading is pressed in the tube without any loss of material which keeps the effective strength of the pipe to 4mm thickness. In case of cut thread method with the same 4mm pipe to put a 2mm thread depth material is removed which results in effective strength of the pipe to 2mm thickness. The 4mm thick pipe takes nearly four times the load of the 2mm effective thickness pipe. 3. In the case of Solid

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M/s Metals & Metals of India  
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Mr. siddarth muniraj senthil kumar, Owner/Entrepreneur  
No : 30a, Veeraragavan Street, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India,India  
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M/s Metals & Metals of India

Business Type:Menufacturer

Country/Region : India